Youth Fun Day

Tuesday, July 23 (10 am -5 pm)

This was a fantastic day at the church that was full of fun, fellowship, and ministry. Today our youth took part in ministry activities that focused  on the inward, outward, and upward. For our inward ministry we wrote letters to every sunday school class and prayed over pretty much every room in the church – specifically, for the many church events and meetings that take place in them. Our upward ministry time was spent in quiet reflection in the sanctuary talking with God (a solid 20 minute session). Our outward ministry was to offer up some ice cold lemonade and prayers for those who passed by our church. It was interesting to speak with the people who passed by because most of them didn’t want anything to drink but when we asked if we could pray for something in their lives – they would often slow down and stop to pray with us. It was really awesome to see our youth listening to and praying for complete strangers. We also played games with pudding, mustaches, and water balloons. It was an awesome day!

water balloon prayer sign sign making mustachesLetter