“Adopt-a-Student” Ministry

Now that we are in August, in a couple of weeks, university students will be back in town.  Since we are University Baptist Church, I am eager for us to find ways to connect with and minister alongside students, both at UVA and PVCC.  With that in mind, I’m working with the staff to restart an “Adopt-a-Student” ministry which seeks to provide a “home away from home” for students — especially first-years and freshmen.

In my experience, college students are hungry for community — with their peers but also with others.  This year, I hope we can welcome the students who attend UBC by quickly finding them a family who will love them, who can periodically invite them over to their homes for meals and/or to play with their children, who will take them out to lunch after church, offer a quiet place to hang out away from noisy roommates, and provide assistance in case of an emergency or advice in a variety of topics, including finding a good car mechanic or overcoming heart-break.

Therefore, I’m looking to recruit families and couples who like being around college-age students, and who will let those students direct how much interaction they would like to have with their adoptive families.  The benefit you receive is that you will positively influence these young lives and create friendships that will last far beyond the college years.  You will most likely earn the undying appreciation from these students’ parents!

If you are interested in serving as adoptive parents, please let me know.  In the coming Sundays we will promote this ministry among our students, and we will schedule a “Student Sunday Luncheon” in September where we will match students with their “parents.”  Let’s do what we can to welcome students this fall!


                                             ~ Michael