Terry Turner

Terry TurnerTerry T. Turner is a retired Professor of Urology and Professor of Cell Biology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.  Now Professor Emeritus, he spends his available time writing fiction and nonfiction for general audiences.

Terry was born in Moultrie, Georgia in 1945.  He grew up on a farm in the southern part of the state and at the age of 12 became a member of Temple Baptist Church in his home community.   In high school, his only claim to fame was  being an All-State singer.  In college (University of Georgia), that claim was in his marrying Susan Stegall, his high school and college sweetheart.  Upon graduation from college Terry became an Infantry officer in  the United States Army.   He served in Vietnam as a counterinsurgency advisor then returned to the University for graduate school with a research focus on the physiology of reproduction.  He received his Ph. D. in 1974 then became a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio where he took further training in reproductive biology and contraceptive development.   By this time, the Turner family had expanded to include daughter, Heather, and son, Patrick, who brought on the delights and challenges of parenthood.  The former, Terry is glad to say, have always exceeded the latter.

In 1976, Terry became a member of the Department of Urology at the University of Virginia School of Medicine.  Later, he also became a member of the Department of Cell Biology and eventually became a full professor in both departments.   Terry’s career at the University was as a scientist studying the basic biology and pathology of the male reproductive system, as a teacher to medical students, and as a science mentor to Urology residents and Cell Biology graduate students.   He is a former President of the American Society of Andrology and he continues to participate in some aspects of international science in the area of male fertility and infertility.

Because he was writing scientific research articles and other publications under his own name Terry chose a pen name, David Donovan, under which he would write books that were not about science (see www.ddonovanbooks.com).  Donovan’s first book, Once a Warrior King, was about his experiences in Vietnam.  His second book, Murphy Station, was about growing up in the rural South during the era of the cold war and racial integration.  He is currently working on a third book that reflects upon the lessons of counterinsurgency learned in Vietnam and how they apply to this last decade’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Other ideas, fiction and nonfiction, are perculating.

Both Turner children graduated from the University of Virginia, Heather  in the Class of ’90 and Patrick in the Class of ’95.  Heather is a nurse here in Charlottesville and Patrick is a teacher in Atlanta.  Susan retired from the Albemarle County School System in 2004.  In 2006, Terry and Susan moved their memberships from another Baptist church in the community to University Baptist.  They joined the Seekers Sunday school class where Terry now serves as the substitute teacher.

Terry loves to read, to garden, to be in the great outdoors, and to travel to interesting places.  He says he likes to accomplish something each new day so that he wastes neither God’s time nor his.