Crucial Conversations, Part 2

Last Wednesday evening, we began our “crucial conversations” series, in which we talked about the importance of all conversation partners contributing to “the pool of meaning” so that everyone is more aware of what we wanted out of the conversation.

During the course of the session, participants articulated several themes.  First is the acknowledgement that we are a diverse congregation with a diverse range of opinions and convictions regarding many issues.  Second is that we want to gain a greater understanding of the issue of human sexuality and homosexuality.  Third is that we do not want this conversation to become divisive.

After the session, several of you came to me and offered helpful feedback.  As a result of your feedback, this Wednesday night, we will briefly revisit last week’s session, and then I will articulate what I hope to accomplish as a result of this conversation on sexuality and homosexuality.  Finally, I will lay out a more concrete road map of how this conversation will take shape in the coming weeks.  Three professors from BTSR will be coming to share their expertise on this topic. It promises to be an educational and enlightening series.  I look forward to seeing you this Wednesday night and being a part of the journey.

 ~Blessings, Michael

 PS – You can see our complete Wednesday Night schedule for the fall on this page.