A Note from Alba

Jubilate-webAfter a very successful Jubilate year and a wonderful Homecoming Concert last Sunday night, there are so many people to thank for all that they have done!

We thanked UBC for the support that for 41 years has kept Jubilate a viable ministry and a musical force in the Charlottesville community.  We also thanked those who have prepared us meals for this year’s experiment with a once-a-week rehearsals.  Of course, we thanked Robby Gough, who embodies the spirit of service, and Anne Keith who has been our choir “Mom” since 2005, and our wonderful accompanist Barbara Moore!

One person that I have failed to thank for 12 years now, someone who works tirelessly behind the scenes doing tasks ranging from stuffing programs to cleaning tables to cooking bacon crisps for the Jubilate Christmas fellowship and, most importantly, leading the Soprano and Alto section rehearsals — our own Pam Beasley!  She has given her time to help Jubilate sound as beautiful as they have this year and for many years.  Her support of the group and love and care for its members have made her a most special friend to all the members of Jubilate for 12 years!

Thank you, Pam, and all who love and support Jubilate!

Soli Deo Gloria!                                                                               ~ Alba