Hearing from UBC

This past weekend, Ruben Swint met with approximately one hundred church members representing all age groups, and members of Church Council, Deacons and the Stewardship and Finance Committees.

Here are some comments from church members about this weekend.

Ruben’s comments were informative and particularly helpful as he emphasized the importance of targeted communication to various age groups.”  – Ed Smith

Having someone from the outside to help us achieve clarity on our mission/passion and then structure accordingly is a vital process throughout an organization’s life cycle. … We will leverage the unique lens Ruben provides to revitalize and refocus our efforts.”  – Brad Groff

In the coming weeks, Ruben will be writing a report of his findings and that report will be available for all members to read sometime this summer.

At my debriefing breakfast meeting with Ruben this morning, he shared with me that he observed positive and enthusiastic participation from the groups that met with him.  University Baptist is in a good position to enter into a fruitful future.  The church is blessed with a fine facility that is well-kept, clean and functional.  Ruben observes that our church has a strong capacity for generosity — in the giving of our time, talents, and finances.  The challenge is to clarify our vision and mission in order to focus our resources toward that goal.  Finally, further church-wide conversations are needed to leverage our excellent worship and music ministries toward accomplishing our mission.

I want to thank everyone who participated in these sessions.  Your input and thoughts were crucial in helping Ruben assess where we are and where we can go as a congregation.  I’m excited about the journey!

~Blessings, Michael