Circle of Caring 2015-2016

circleofcaringThe “Circle of Caring” is a UBC-Deacon led Team Ministry serving the UBC family, friends, and community.

It is an opportunity for church members to share their gifts, talents and passions with others in the church and in the community.

If you want join a team, please call the church office (434) 293-5106, or email Circle of Caring.

Below are the teams and team members for 2015-2016:

Bereavement Ministry

This team works with the ministerial staff to offer support, comfort and fellowship to our members as they go through times of grief or loss. In each situation a team member will contact the family to seek out how they might assist them, pray with them, listen to them, and determine how the church might help.

Leader: Martha Wood
Members:  Colleen Baber, Patti Barretta, Alice Batten, Pam Beasley, Sima Brown, Nettie Chewning, Elva Ferguson, Margie Howell, Marcia Parker, Randy Scruggs, Clara Belle Wheeler

Celebrations Ministry Team

The Celebrations Ministry acknowledges the many causes for celebration that arise in the lives of our church members. They recognize such causes for celebration and thanksgiving as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, births, baptisms, graduations and other joyous events by sending cards, making phone calls or through other appropriate actions. This is a ministry of rejoicing!

Leaders: Debby Johnson, Judy Shah
Members:  Diana Ames, Martha Ballenger, Shirley Clark, Gail Ellen, Lynne Gardner, Audrey Garnett, Pam Hallissy, Sterling Hudson, Pam Johnson, Mary Jo Licero, Mary Ella McCauley, Louise Marchi, Aimee Marshall (Youth), Donna Marshall, Karen Minor (Youth), John Morse, Margie Morse, Anne Smith, Nell Tiller, Shirley Wagoner, Anne Wilkerson

Comfort Food Ministry Team

This team provides food and paper products to UBC families who are focused on other issues in their lives. They minister to these members in their time of need; their goal is to help take some of the stress off of them in their time of need.

Leaders: Donna Marshall, Michelle Proffitt
Members: Mary Baldwin, Martha Ballenger, Jen Bates, Debra Bryant, Sarah Buchanan, Shirley Clark, Katherine Hamel, Linda Hendon, Sterling Hudson, Larry Johnson, Carolyn Lowry, Sandra Manning, Lynn Martin, Rachel Miller, Margie Morse, Barbara Murray, Judy Scruggs, Linda Smith, Ji Song, Lynda Tweel, Nelda Vaughan, Jennifer Wagoner, Sarah Wilson

Congregational Care Ministry Team

This team stays in touch with our members by phone, email or visit, as requested. The team follows up with visitors, contacts those who have been frequently absent on Sunday mornings, and helps with orientation of new members.

If you want to have a team member assigned to you, either call the church office or contact Debra Bryant. If you thought you were signed up but have not been contacted, please also call the church office.

Leader: Debra Bryant
Member: Jo-Ann Averill, Erin Brown, Shirley Clark, Judy Gough, Jackie Lockwood, Donna Marshall, Judy Shah, Mildred Spicer, Lynda Tweel, Nelda Vaughan

Homebound Ministry Team

This team serves and communicates on a consistent basis with homebound members as well as people in nursing facilities. They contact them through personal visits, notes and cards and/or phone calls.

Leader: Jackie Lockwood
Members: Betty Barker, Alice Batten, Cindy Bryant, Shirley Clark, David Hendon, Gail Ellen, Sterling Hudson, Lou Long, Jeanne Nye

Health Support Ministry Team

This is a ministry of support for members during illness at home, in the hospital, and in health care facilities.  The team assists the ministerial staff in providing appropriate support.  After a contact, the team member will report to the church office and let them know whether any other teams need to be involved.

Leader: Alan Hendricks
Members: Lori Conklin, Wayne Ferguson, Elsom Johnson, Ed Lowry, Joe May, Sylvie Moore, Laurie Pallini, Lily Pallini, Raynell Stokes

Small Jobs Ministry Team

This is a ministry to UBC members and individuals who need hands-on help with home maintenance or small repair projects. The team provides home repairs and maintenance for those with special needs or circumstances. Typical small jobs may include: clean and repair gutters, replace light bulbs and fire alarm batteries, rake leaves, shovel snow, repair steps and railings, etc.

Leader: Larry Johnson
Members: John Buchanan, Sarah Buchanan, Thomas Dykes, Ray Gaines, Robby Gough, Bill Jesser, Jimmy Li, Brett Lissenden, Katelyn Lissenden, Don Long, Scott Miller, Barbara Moore, Jim Moore, John Morse, Tom Mundell, Bill Murray, Ed Smith, Richard Smith, Barry Wilson

Transportation Ministry Team

This team helps UBC family members and others with transportation in order to attend church services on Sundays and Wednesdays or other special services.  The team also provides, within reason and with enough notice, transportation to medical and other important appointments.

Leader: Peter Ohlms
Members: Jack Dowdy, Johnny Ellen, Ray Gaines, Brad Groff, Barbara Jesser, Elsom Johnson, Anne Keith, W.C. Keith, Linda Smith, Richard Vaughan, Joe Zhu