December 19, 2016

Each member has pledged confidentiality throughout the process, but we will share general information and try to be as transparent as possible without breaking that confidentiality.  We understand the importance of our work for the future of UBC and are humbled by the trust the congregation has placed in us to represent the whole church in selecting our next senior minister.

The Search Committee meets the second Sunday of the month after the worship service and other times as needed.  We have met with the Leadership Transition Team (LTT) and received the church profile as well as a profile for our next senior minister.  The senior minister profile was developed from information gathered from the congregational meetings last spring.  (Remember the questions where different colored dots represented strongly agree, agree, disagree etc.?) The church profile was compiled by the LTT and will be available on the UBC website.  It will provide potential candidates with a window into UBC.

In September, the search committee decided to hire Bill Wilson, President of the Center for Healthy Churches, to assist in our search.  He is very familiar with UBC and will solicit candidates that he believes will be a good fit for us as well as recommendations we give him.  He has been instrumental in directing our efforts to define our timeline, organize our process, and in preparation to interview candidates.  Dr. Wilson will address the congregation January 15th, beginning with a joint Bible Study hour and then preach as well.

The search committee interviewed former and current UBC ministers, office staff, and friends of UBC (John Chandler, Dan Bagby etc.) to get input about their vision for our future and what traits they believe are important in our next senior minister.  This information will be considered along with the senior minister profile developed by the LTT.

We are actively soliciting resumes for our next senior minister. Resumes can be sent to  We encourage anyone in the congregation who knows someone you feel would be a good fit for UBC to pass his or her name and contact information to a search committee member.  It may be someone who is quite happy in their current position and doesn’t yet know God is calling them to UBC.

Your Senior Minister Search Committee