February 20, 2017

The search committee will begin vetting potential candidates next week.  We will begin with a preliminary phone call to each candidate on our short list to understand their interest in UBC and let them know of our interest in them.  Some of the candidates have only agreed to the preliminary call and are quite happy in their current positions.  We will need to “sell” UBC as well as vet the candidates during the call.  We continue to accept resumes as the process proceeds, not because we do not have good candidates in the pool, we do, but to remain open to a last minute calling.

To be as transparent as possible, members of the search committee will be visiting the Bible Study classes to talk and listen.  Members of UBC are always welcome to contact anyone on the search committee with comments or concerns.  As we kick into high gear, please pray for our discernment of God’s will in the calling of our next senior minister.