May 25, 2017

The senior minister search committee spent time with each of our finalists in Charlottesville, getting to know them and getting a feel for how they would fit with UBC. After completing those interviews, the committee had the exciting and challenging task of narrowing our finalists down to one candidate. We approached this decision with much prayer and thoughtful conversation. To help us discern who God might be calling to UBC, we used information that we had gathered from multiple interviews with the candidates, reference calls, and the hours of sermons that we had watched. We spent time considering the Senior Minister Profile that the Leadership Transition Team put together and the congregation approved last August. We compared the traits of each candidate to that profile to ensure that they lined up appropriately. After much discernment, the committee felt like they had arrived at the person God is calling to be the next senior minister of UBC.

Two committee members visited the candidate’s church on a Sunday morning in order to experience his worship leadership in person. Following that, the candidate and his wife made a final visit to Charlottesville. We conducted one last interview with the candidate, which confirmed for the committee that we believe this is the right person to lead UBC.
We are excited for you to meet the candidate at 5:00 on June 3rd. We will have a potluck dinner in the fellowship hall and a time for questions and answers with the candidate. The candidate will be preaching during the 11:00 worship service on Sunday, June 4th. There will be a called church conference immediately following the service to vote on the search committee’s recommendation to call this person as UBC’s senior minister. We hope that you will join us for these exciting events!
As always, please let any member of the search committee know if you have any questions or concerns.