Parking Lot Usage Changing Soon

Target Date: Tuesday, August 1

We anticipate entering an agreement with Piedmont Virginia Parking Center (PVPC) to ensure that parking is always available and free for UBC’s members and visitors while at the church building, to provide additional revenue for general budget expenses, and to remove the burden of daily management of UBC’s parking lots from the church staff. Additional information will be sent by email and postal mail to church members and associate members regarding the financial benefits this arrangement will afford our congregation.

 Benefits for UBC:

  • Ensure more weekday parking is available and free for church members and visitors attending activities at the church building.
  • Generate regular revenue for the general budget expenses of UBC.
  • Replace the unintentional “free public first come, first parked” weekday parking with hourly paid parking.
  • Set aside a limited number of spaces to offer discounted monthly weekday parking rates for active UBC members and associate members and competitive monthly rates for nonmembers.
  • Remove the task of parking lot management from clergy and support staff.

 How This Will Be Done:

  • Piedmont Virginia Parking Center (PVPC) will reline and number all parking spaces.
  • PVPC will install two payment boxes, one for each parking lot.
  • PVPC will daily monitor the parking lots to collect hourly parking payments, arrange towing as needed, and interact with owners whose vehicles are towed.
  • PVPC will administer monthly parking, providing discounted rates for active UBC members and associate members and competitive rates for all others.
  • PVPC and UBC will divide the proceeds of all hourly and monthly parking fees.

 How UBC’s Parking Needs Will Be Guaranteed:

  • All vehicles with current or newly issued UBC parking stickers may park free at any time on any day while attending services, meetings, special events, etc., at the church building.
  • Weekday visitors to the church building will receive free parking passes for their vehicles while parked in the church parking lots.
  • During all Sunday worship services, Wednesday evening programs, weddings, funerals, or special events open to the public, all parking will be free and the payment boxes will be covered to avoid any confusion of whether payment is expected.
  • PVPC will continue to provide free parking in the 14th Street Garage for UBC on Sundays and Wednesday evenings and for events such as funerals.