Global Missions Christmas Post Office

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The Christmas Post Office for Global Missions, sponsored by the Kittie Colvin Trail Circle, opens Sunday, November 27.  This is a way for you to exchange Christmas greetings with other church members and regular attenders and to support Global Missions.

The “post office” box is located on a table in the first floor lobby.

  • Write the names of the recipients on your cards and place them in the appropriate alphabet slots.
  • Deposit 47¢ per card (and any additional contribution) into the container on the table, or give it to any Kittie Colvin Trail Circle member.
  • If you are sending cards to members who are shut-ins or who might not be here in December, please write the address on the card so we can deliver it after Christmas.
  • Pick up any cards addressed to you or your family. Please do not remove any cards but your own.
  • Do not place cards in the box after Saturday, December 24.
  • Please do not include cards for members who do not attend regularly or have moved away.

ALL proceeds go to the CBF Global Missions Fund. 

Christmas Mailbox



CBF Global Missions

During the month of December, we will be collecting money for the CBF Global Missions Fund.
Our goal is $3,000.

The theme for this year’s offering is “Bearing Witness to Jesus Christ,” focusing on one of the commitments of CBF Global Missions. We bear witness to the Gospel through words that invite faith and actions that embody the way of Jesus. This year, our congregation is invited to discover the ways that God is working alongside field personnel bearing witness to Jesus Christ in Thailand, China, Southern Kentucky, and in the poorest counties in the United States.

Global Missions

December Opportunity to Help Families in Need

‘Christmas Dinner in a Bag’

Due Sunday, December 18


Christmas Dinner in a Bag - Ingredients

=> Put all items in a paper or reusable fabric grocery bag and place them on the Fellowship Hall stage by Sunday, December 18.

The WMU will add a $10 Food Lion gift card for turkey or ham.

The bags will be delivered to Love INC to be distributed to needy families for Christmas.

If you can’t do the shopping, we welcome donations for the gift cards.  Make checks payable to UBC and earmark them for “Christmas Dinner in a Bag.”


Alma Hunt State Missions Offering

makeitcountWe are continuing to support the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions.

This offering supports ministries in and missionaries from Virginia.  A portion of the money goes back to the local associations.  Since the CVBA (Central Virginia Baptist Association) supports the chaplain ministry, that means our contributions will be supporting the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women.

The annual offering for Virginia missions was named for Alma Hunt (1909-2008), a native Virginian who was known worldwide for her missions service and her unswerving dedication to the cause of Christ.

When you give to the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions, you are equipping those who seek to share with others how God has set them free to live and serve.


Wednesday Night Program – Nov. 9

Wednesday Night Supper & Program for

November 9!

5:00 pm  Supper:  ‘Breakfast for Supper’   

6:15 pm  Program:  Christmas Missions Fair


The Missions Committee invites you to attend the Christmas Missions Fair to get more information about the UBC missions opportunities for November and December.  Find out what each mission project is about, what you need to do to help, and the deadline for completing your contribution.

  • Toiletry (Hygiene) Kits for FCCW (see below)
  • Christmas Dinner in a Bag (see below)
  • Children’s Christmas Shop
  • Christmas Missions Post Office
  • Cards, Stationery, Stamps for FCCW (see below)

-> Toiletry (Hygiene) Kits for Fluvanna Correctional  Center for Women (FCCW)
     Due Sunday, November 13

  • 1 individually wrapped toothbrush
  • 1 tube of toothpaste (6 oz. or less)
  • 1 solid deodorant stick (2.4 oz. or less.  No spray or roll-on)
  • 1 bottle of lotion (15 oz. or less)
  • 1 bottle of shampoo (15 oz. or less)

Place all items in a one-gallon Zip Loc bag or bring individual items.

-> Greeting Cards, Stationery, & Stamps 
for FCCW
     Due Sunday, November 13

  • Greeting cards for all occasions, including Hanukkah and Christmas (no foil on card or envelope)
  • Writing paper, envelopes
  • “Forever” postage stamps (Do not affix stamps to envelopes)
  • Wooden pencils (unsharpened)


-> Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes
     Due Sunday, November 20 
Go online to Samaritan’s Purse for a list of items for the shoe boxes.


-> Christmas Dinner in a Bag
     Due Sunday, December 18

1 box stove-top stuffing mix
1 box instant mashed potatoes
1 jar gravy
1 large can sweet potatoes
1 large can green beans
1 can cranberry sauce
1 box pie crust mix
1 can pie filling

WMU will provide a $10 Food Lion gift card for the meat.  Put all items in a paper or reusable fabric grocery bag and place on Fellowship Hall stage.

If you can’t do the shopping, we welcome donations for the gift cards.  Make checks payable to UBC and earmark them for ‘Christmas Dinner in a Bag’.



PACEM at UBC – 2015


(People And Congregations Engaged in Ministry)
January 31 – February 13, 2015

PACEM is a collaboration of congregations in Charlottesville that provides shelter at night during the winter months for people who have nowhere else to sleep. For two (2) weeks UBC will open Fellowship Hall from 6:00 pm until 7:00 am for 45 men to have dinner, take showers, socialize, and spend the night. We will be joined by Crossroads Community Church, who will help with meals and spend time with the men.

Top 10 Ways You Can Be Involved

10. Donate items (or money to purchase) the following: new athletic socks (white, grey or black), foot powder, deodorant, disposable razors
9. Donate soft-sided travel bags, adult-size backpacks, word find puzzle books
Collection boxes are located in the First Floor Lobby and in Fellowship Hall

8. Take clothing donations to the CVBA Clothing Center on Bolling Avenue. The men will receive vouchers to get needed items at no cost.
7. Help set up cots in Fellowship Hall on Saturday, January 31.
6. Help remove and transport cots on Saturday, February 14.
5. Work with a group to prepare and serve a meal. Menus, guidelines, and money will be provided.
4. Come one evening during activities time.

Chat with the men.
Watch a movie with them.
Play a card or board game.
Work a jigsaw puzzle.

3. STILL NEEDED: Volunteer to stay overnight. Two (2) volunteers (plus a PACEM staff person) must be on site from 9pm until about 7am.
2. STILL NEEDED: Pick up clean linens at The Crossings and/or help transport dirty linens to the jail.

1. Pray for this important ministry.

Do you need more information?

Come to the Orientation on Wednesday, January 21, at 6:15 pm in Fellowship Hall.

Handouts with guidelines for each area of volunteering are available.

A Signup Board will be available in Fellowship Hall (Wednesday nights), in the vestibule (Sunday mornings) and in the church office (during office hours).

Contact Lynn Martin: 434-977-8090

Exciting News about OIAM!

OIAM (Operation Inasmuch) has become a signature ministry of UBC over the past several years.  Each spring, members and friends of our congregation come together to serve our neighbors through painting, building, gardening, cleaning, and more.

Another annual tradition that occurs each spring is Mission Madness, a program of the CBF of Virginia that organizes local mission sites around the state, providing the opportunity for youth groups to engage in service projects similar to OIAM.  Youth from UBC have attended the past two years, and this year UBC has been approached about hosting one of these events, which usually bring 200-250 youth from across the state.

With the blessing of the UBC leadership, the Missions/Ministry Committee, and the leaders of OIAM, we are excited to be hosting Mission Madness this year at our church on April 17-19, 2015.  This is a major undertaking, but it will enable us to make a dramatic impact in our community.

We will be combining this Mission Madness event with our regular OIAM, so please note that OIAM will be taking place a few weeks earlier this year!  Many of the work projects will be similar, but there will also be new opportunities that are unique to the larger scale of this joint endeavor, such as preparing food for our many volunteers.

Expect to hear more about this in the coming months, but we encourage you now to begin thinking about how you might participate.  In addition to the logistics of feeding everyone, we will need experienced UBC folks to lead project sites, overseeing the work of the youth, who can do the “heavy lifting.”

Finally, with so many volunteers this year, we will need to find quite a few worksites, so if you have ideas for projects, please share those with Erin Brown or Phil Woodson, who are helping to coordinate this event.

What an exciting weekend this will be, combining our well-established OIAM day with the energy and enthusiasm of Mission Madness!  Imagine what we will be able to do for our community together!

State Mission Offering

Alma-HuntDuring September we will be collecting the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions and the Chaplain Service Prison Ministry of Virginia, Inc. (specifically, Chaplain Julie Perry at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women).

Our 2014 goal is $4,000, to be divided evenly between these two mission efforts.So far, we have collected $2702.

For more information   go to and

You can make a donation during the worship service, by check, or by online-donation.


WMU School Supplies Project

The WMU is collecting money to purchase school supplies for the low-income children at Woodbrook Elementary School.

This project is coordinated by Love INC in cooperation with city and county schools’ Family Support Workers.

You can make checks payable to UBC and earmark them for “School Supplies.”


The Youth’s March Mission Madness Trip

Every spring the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of Virginia sponsors about 4 different mission weekends at locations all over the state. This year, our youth attended the one located in Blacksburg, VA.


When we arrived on Friday evening we were greeted with the castle-like campus of Virginia Tech, which prompted many UVA inspired comments and discussions from the youth about what we would all be wearing tomorrow (i.e. a Cavalier shirt or something else that was specifically blue and orange instead of maroon and orange)! We made our way up the street to Blacksburg Baptist Church which sits directly across from the Tech campus in a very much the same way our own church sits in relation to the UVA campus.  We stepped out of our cars and stretched before being welcomed and herded down into their fellowship hall to an outstanding dinner of burgers and hotdogs. Everyone from our group was really just excited to see that we wouldn’t be eating pizza and we quickly devoured our meals. The evening then moved into a time of worship and we gathered in the sanctuary for prayer and song. We were also excited to meet our work team members and get into our work groups for the next day.


Once our rooms at the Super 8 motel were sorted out, we all pretty much went to sleep, but since the first night in a hotel is always the roughest there were a few that ventured out early in the morning to track down a Starbucks. We traveled back to Blacksburg Baptist and heard a very moving story from Mark Snipes that provided some perspective for the day. One of the big take-aways from his sermon was that “it’s not about reaching down to help someone up to where you are, but recognizing that we are all equal in the eyes of God and it’s about meeting people where they are to be Christ to them when and where they need it.”

Our Youth were split up into 6 different groups and sent out to worksites all around the great Blacksburg and Christiansburg area. For most of the day our youth worked on the following projects:

  • Wheelchair Ramp/Platform – An elderly woman had been “trapped” in her home for about 2 years and had no means to get outside her house without some serious assistance. She had paid someone else to build her a ramp about a year ago and while they delivered some materials to her yard, they never even started on the construction. Working alongside a “Hearts & Hammers” program we built a ramp from her side door down into her yard. Another group worked to dig out a reasonably sized hole so that a concrete pad could be poured that would allow another woman to easily access transportation at her home. They also did a large amount of cleaning and yard work.
  • Retreat Center / Households – There is always much work to be done when any outdoor area is opened again in the spring, and our youth worked to paint and clean up a retreat center for the local community to use. There are also many people that need some assistance with painting, yard work, organizing, or general cleaning tasks around their homes and our youth were there to help them as well.
  • Pregnancy Center – We sent a group to a Pregnancy counseling center where they did a lot of cleaning and organizing. They also helped in stuffing envelopes and assisting with the mailing of information and materials that will hopefully be helpful to women who are struggling with difficult decisions.

Our Saturday concluded with a very filling pasta dinner and another worship service. Once back at the hotel we all debriefed and shared our experiences from the day and then most of us went to bed….   J


Sunday morning we rolled out to our final service at Blacksburg Baptist, worshiped with their 8:30 morning service members and made our way back home. A very successful trip for all involved!

It is only through the continuing support of the members at UBC that these types of opportunities can be offered to our youth. Not only are they growing and moving along their own spiritual path but they are also positively affecting the lives of all the people they interact with along the way. Thank you for your support of the youth ministry!


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