Upcoming Mission Opportunities

MISSIONS FAIR – Wednesday, November 9, 6:15 pm in Fellowship Hall.   

WMU COLLECTIONS for Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women (FCCW) of greeting cards, stamps, stationery and toiletry  kits are due November 13.  (More details to come.) 

OPERATION CHRISTMAS CHILD SHOEBOXES are due mid November.  Plan to fill a shoebox and make a difference in a child’s life.  Go to Samaritan’s Purse for a list of items for the shoeboxes. 

CHRISTMAS DINNER IN A BAG will be due mid December.  (More details to come.)   


Ongoing Activities in December

Please join us in any of these activities this month as we celebrate Advent and prepare for Christmas!

* Global Missions Post Office —
A way for you to exchange greetings with UBC members and support Global Missions; Located in First Floor Lobby

* WMU Christmas shopping —
UBC items on sale 1st Floor Lobby:  Cat’s Meow building, Christmas ornament, Plate, Cookbook

* Christmas Dinner in a Bag —
1 box stove-top stuffing mix
1 box instant potatoes
1 jar gravy
1 lg can sweet potatoes
1 lg can green beans
1 can cranberry sauce
1 box Jiffy pie crust mix
1 can pie filling
The WMU will add a Food Lion gift card for a ham or turkey.
Bring filled bags to the stage in the Fellowship Hall.

* A Quiet Place to Study (AQPTS) —
Need volunteers to help Dec. 8-16

* Children’s Christmas Shop —
Items due by December 8

* Intergenerational Mission Trip —
Registration due mid-December

* Shoe collection —
ends December 29

* Battle Building Update —
W. Main St. traffic lanes in front of the building reduced to one west-bound lane 6:00 am Fri., Dec. 6, through 12:00 pm Sun., Dec. 8; all access to JPA from 11th St Garage blocked, and plaza between Blake and UBC closed in December

* PACEM collection items —
foot powder, deodorant, disposable razors, new athletic socks (white, black or gray), word-find puzzle books, batteries (AA & AAA), stamps, envelopes, note pads, soft-side travel bags, adult-size backpacks

For more info about these activities and a complete Advent/Christmas schedule see THE WORD  Nov. 26.

Global Missions Christmas Post Office

The Christmas Post Office for Global Missions, sponsored by the Kittie Colvin Trail Circle, will open Sunday, December 1. This is a way for you to exchange Christmas greetings with other church members and regular attenders and to support Global Missions at the same time.

The “post office” box is located on a table in the first floor lobby. Write the names of the recipients on your cards and place them in the appropriate alphabet slots. Please do not include cards for members who do not attend regularly or have moved away.

Deposit 45¢ per card (and any additional contribution) into the container on the table, or give it to any Kittie Colvin Trail Circle member.

Then check the post office regularly for cards to you from your friends. The last day for putting cards in the post office is Christmas Eve.

Intergenerational Mission Activity

Wednesday, November 20, 2013, 6:15 pm – 6:15 pm
After supper, children, youth, and adults will work around the tables to complete two mission projects:
~Wrap and fill about 60 shoeboxes for “Operation Christmas Child.” The church will provide all the supplies and items to complete the shoeboxes. If you do want to bring extra items, choose things for boys and girls 5 to 9 years old.
~Fill gallon Zip-Loc bags with toiletry items for women at the Fluvanna Correctional Center.

Christmas “Dinner in a Bag”

Fill a grocery bag with the following:
1 box stove-top stuffing mix,
1 box instant potatoes,
1 jar gravy,
1 lge. can sweet potatoes,
1 lge. can green beans,
1 can cranberry sauce,
1 box Jiffy pie crust mix,
1 can pie filling
Bring the bag to UBC (put on the stage in Fellowship Hall. We will add a Food Lion gift card (for turkey or ham). The bags will be delivered to Love INC to
be distributed to needy families for Christmas

Early Christmas Shopping

The WMU will have the following items available on Sundays 12:00 to 12:30 pm in the First Floor Lobby and Wednesdays 5:00 to 7:00 in Fellowship Hall:
~Cat’s Meow UBC building — $20
~UBC Christmas ornament — $5
~UBC Plate — $5
~UBC Cookbook — $5
Proceeds from the Cat’s Meows will go to the Divers family, and proceeds from the other items will go to WMU missions.


CBF of Virginia is sponsoring a special missions project in partner with Soles4Souls.

Soles4Souls is a global not-for-profit institution dedicated to fighting the devastating impact and perpetuation of poverty.  The organization advances its anti-poverty mission by collecting new and used shoes, then distributing them by direct donations and by provisioning qualified micro-enterprise programs designed to create jobs (selling shoes!) in poor and disadvantaged communities.

The Faith & Justice Committee is sponsoring a collection of new and used shoes — all kinds and sizes. Look for the collection box in Fellowship Hall.

Click for more information.

Mission Opportunities This Fall

Hygiene Kits for Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women
(Deadline: Wednesday, November 20)
1 individually wrapped toothbrush
1 tube of toothpaste (6 oz. or less)
1 solid deodorant stick (2.4 oz. or less)
1 bottle of lotion (15 oz. or less)
1 bottle of shampoo (15 oz. or less)
(Place all items in a one-gallon Zip Loc bag or bring individual items.)

Greeting Cards & Stationery for FCCW (Deadline: November 20)
Greeting cards for all occasions (including Hanukkah and Christmas)
Writing paper, envelopes
“Forever” postage stamps
Wooden pencils (unsharpened)

Operation Christmas Child
Pre-wrapped shoeboxes and gift lists are available in Fellowship Hall, in the narthex, and in the church office. The deadline for bringing filled shoeboxes is Wednesday, November 20.

Collection boxes for all items are located in Fellowship Hall and outside the Church Office.

State Missions Offering

Alma Hunt offering 2013  SM130812_01   Chaplain Service Prision Ministry logova1

During September  we will be supporting the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions and the Chaplain Service Prison Ministry of Virginia, Inc. (specifically Chaplain Julie Perry at the Fluvanna Correction Center for Women).

The Alma Hunt offering supports ministries in and missionaries from Virginia.

The Chaplain Service has changed the lives of thousands of offenders throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia by distributing Bibles, conducting worship services, providing counseling and coordinating volunteer programs.

Our 2013 goal is $4,000 to be divided evenly between these two mission efforts.  For more information go to:  Alma-Hunt-Offering  and ChaplainService