Bibliography of Resources from the Deacons’ Openness Task Force



Bibliography of Additional Resources

*This is not an exhaustive list of resources. See the bibliography in David Gushee’s book for some excellent reading, and of course there are innumerable blog posts, stories, and opinion articles online that represent all perspectives on this topic.

** Denotes books and articles representing a conservative/traditional perspective of marriage



Homosexuality and Christian Faith: Questions of Conscience for the Churches; Walter Wink

(A book used by other Baptist churches who have had this conversation)


Torn; Justin Lee

(A memoir of the experiences of a young Christian who is gay, which includes practical guidance for committed Christians wondering how to relate to gay friends or family members)


**The Bible and Homosexual Practice, Texts and Hermeneutics; Robert A. J. Gagnon

(Perspective from a prominent conservative scholar)


God and the Gay Christian; Matthew Vines

(Matthew Vines is the founder of the Reformation Project, and a millennial Christian who is gay)


**Homosexuality and the Bible: Two Views; Dan O. Via and Robert A. J. Gagnon

(UBC’s own Dan Via shares his views, as compared to the views of Robert Gagnon; three copies of this book are available in the church library)


Online Articles:  (A printed copy of these online articles is available in the church library)

“Ending the Teaching of Contempt”

(Video version of David Gushee’s speech at the Reformation Project conference in 2014, most of which is included as Chapter 20 in Changing Our Mind)


“I’m an evangelical minister. I now support the LGBT community – and the church should too”

(A summary of David Gushee’s stance, published in the Washington Post)


**“Review: Changing Our Mind”

(Written by one of David Gushee’s former colleagues, this is a broadly point-by-point rebuttal of Gushee’s argument. Copies available in the church library)


“The Gay Debate: The Bible and Homosexuality”

(A summary of Vines’ position regarding the biblical questions around sexuality, video and transcript)


** “God and the Gay Christian? A Response to Matthew Vines”

(A critical review of Matthew Vines’ work; a free e-book, available to download at the above website. Hard copies available in the church library.)


“CBF Church Models Open Attitude on NPR”

(Story of a CBF church that ordained an openly gay minister)


“For Raleigh Church, Self-Examination was Key to Surviving Identity Crisis”

(Considerations from a moderate Baptist church who has recently had a difficult conversation)


“Homosexuality and the Baptist Church”

A wikipedia account of how different types of Baptists approach this topic.


**”Homosexuality from Several Viewpoints”           

This article contains links to multiple websites addressing questions about LGBT persons.


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