Kairos Class Camping TripOur Median Adults are a very active and hands on component of UBC church life. From teaching Bible study, choir and mission classes to participating in mission trips and community outreach projects, our median adults provide key energy and leadership to the congregation.

Our Median Adults Bible study classes are designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities of the 30+ to 55+ stage of life.  Regardless of marital status – and in the middle of aging bodies, raising children and assisting our parents – we want to help you develop healthy and accountable relationships.  Our ultimate goal is to glorify God by serving and worshipping together.  There are two median adult Bible study classes:  the Kairos Class (that’s us in the photo — We are somewhere between 20-somethings and senior adults), and the New Life Class (if you have youth or college kids).  There is also ‘Seekers’,  a coed median/senior class  covering a challenging range of Biblical studies.