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Mission Trip to DC Happening Next Week.

city-gate-banner1 175x147Next week, July 26-31, a group of 22 UBC youth and adults will be serving in Washington, D.C. with a program called Urban Hands (part of City-Gate, a ministry organization in downtown D.C. founded by Calvary Baptist Church).

During our week in D.C., we will engage in a variety of mission projects including leading programs at a children’s center and working with a number of organizations that reach the homeless community in DC (landscaping, cleaning, serving meals, other projects). Since much of the work is interactive, Urban Hands also provides an educational component designed to help group members better understand the daily challenges faced by those living in poverty, allowing us to more effectively minister to those whom we serve.

Pray for our youth and leaders during the week, that they may have the strength to work, the courage to reach out and connect, and the humility to learn from those whom we serve.



Vacation Bible School — Experiencing God’s Word

VBS2015-groupWhat an amazing week we had last week at Mt. Everest, this year’s theme for Vacation Bible School!  About 65 children joined us for the week as we learned how God’s mighty power helps us overcome big challenges!  We were fortunate to enjoy time with not only children who call UBC home, but also their friends and cousins, children from First Baptist Main St., children from the neighborhood around UBC, and children whose parents work at the UVA hospital.

It was a busy week, full of songs and skits, games and crafts, Bible stories and snacks, and most importantly, meaningful conversations with the children!  Each day children had the chance to share ‘God sightings’, ways they have seen God at work in their lives.  These God sightings are recorded on colorful flags hanging in Fellowship Hall.

We talked about the recent earthquake in Nepal, location of Mt. Everest.  The kids had the chance to bring in spare change (over $150 by the end of the week), which we will donate to the relief work in Nepal through CBF’s Nepal Response Fund.

We have heard nothing but overwhelmingly positive comments from children and parents alike.  The kids had an amazing week, and it’s all thanks to our incredible VBS volunteers!!  A huge, HUGE Thank You to everyone who helped out with Vacation Bible School last week!!!  You guys are all completely, utterly amazing!  The kids had a fantastic week, and it’s because you gave so much of your time and energy into teaching them, playing with them, and loving them.

You.  Are.  Awesome!



A Note from Erin


For the past year, it has been my privilege to work with the amazing group of teenagers at our church.  Through the many devotions, activities, and trips the year has entailed, I have loved getting to know the youth, getting to work with them, and getting to learn from them!    I have been amazed at their energy and enthusiasm, their maturity and intellect, and their devotion to serving God and their community.  It has been an incredible experience to witness the amazing ways God is working in and through their lives, and to get a peek at the incredible people they are becoming.  I want to express to all of you how grateful I am for the opportunity to work with such a great group of youth.

This fall, I will not be continuing in the role of Youth Ministry Coordinator.  I will miss working closely with the youth, but I also need to focus on spending time with my young family.

Michael, the Personnel Committee, and the Youth Council are aware of my resignation, and are working to fill the position, ideally by the beginning of September.

Although I will no longer be on the staff at UBC, I look forward to continuing my participation in the life of the church, as I worship, play, and serve alongside all of you!

— Erin



A Word from Alba

Please join us this Sunday, June 28th, at 1:30 pm, for the Summer Choir presentation of ‘Celebrate Life!’, the musical pulpit-drama by Ragan Courtney and Buryl Red about the life of Jesus, from prophecy through His birth, ministry, death, burial and resurrection.


Summer Choir 2015

Celebrate Life!

A Musical Pulpit-Drama
by Ragan Courtney and Buryl Red
Sunday, June 28, 1:30 pm

A Word from Michael

BldgBrdgs180x180So much has taken place in the past couple of weeks.  I’d like to use this column to offer a few words on various matters.

First, at our called church conference on June 10, the church voted to approve the changes to the Constitution, By-laws and Leadership Manual.  The updated documents have been uploaded onto our website.  I’d like to express my appreciation to JARC (Joint Administrative Review Committee) for their good work in reviewing these important documents and making these revisions.

On the same night, the church agreed to sell our bus to Beaver Dam Baptist Church.  We will use the proceeds from the sale, as well as budget savings (allotted for the upkeep of the bus), to rent vans to serve UBC’s needs for specific trips or events.

Also at that meeting, the Personnel Committee described how we will create a search committee in light of Bob’s retirement.  Before we post the position or interview candidates, we will engage the congregation in clarifying the mission and ministry priorities.  We will then finalize the skill set and job description of our next Associate Minister.

Last week, Will and Erin Brown and I joined one thousand others at the CBF General Assembly in Dallas.  This year’s theme was “Building Bridges,” to span the various ways people are divided from one other, beginning in our local communities.  One reason for these divisions is racism, and the whole assembly lamented over the victims of the Charleston church shooting.  “The true sense of bridge building is that the bridge itself doesn’t belong to either side,” said Gary Simpson, one of our speakers.  “Perhaps the most radical thing [we] can do is sit down and listen.”  This week, may we all find time to listen — to God and neighbor.

~Blessings, Michael



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