Youth Mission Trip Report

On June 16 nine members of our youth group along with Larry Johnson and Laura Morris traveled to Raleigh, N.C. with YouthWorks for five days to be the hands and feet of Christ.  On Wednesday, September 4, the participants in this mission trip will share pictures and stories about what they accomplished for Christ and highlight the work and fellowship that took place on this trip.

As you hear humorous tales and possibly some of Mr. Johnson’s slight exaggerations, I want you to know that it was your generosity that made this trip possible for our youth.  Through the donations you made at the Children’s Musical and the funds that you placed in the baskets after a Sunday service, you made it possible for our youth to participate in a life-changing event.  That’s a big deal.  The cost of participation and travel is a large part of the youth budget and it took a substantial showing of altruism to ensure that this vital ministry opportunity be available to anyone who desires to serve.

Please know that your continuing support of UBC’s Youth Ministry has been inspiring and that your kind words, prayers, and financial support have been an ENORMOUS blessing to both the youth and myself.

Gratefully, Phil


State Missions Offering

Alma Hunt offering 2013  SM130812_01   Chaplain Service Prision Ministry logova1

During September  we will be supporting the Alma Hunt Offering for Virginia Missions and the Chaplain Service Prison Ministry of Virginia, Inc. (specifically Chaplain Julie Perry at the Fluvanna Correction Center for Women).

The Alma Hunt offering supports ministries in and missionaries from Virginia.

The Chaplain Service has changed the lives of thousands of offenders throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia by distributing Bibles, conducting worship services, providing counseling and coordinating volunteer programs.

Our 2013 goal is $4,000 to be divided evenly between these two mission efforts.  For more information go to:  Alma-Hunt-Offering  and ChaplainService


Happy Anniversary!

Congratulations to Michael Cheuk on his First Anniversary as the Senior Minister at UBC.   Wow, how time flies when you are having fun!  Many thanks for a wonderful year of leadership and ministry.  We extend our thanks also to Beth, who has been a wonderful addition to UBC.  And we’re glad Thea and Wesley are here!

Congratulations to Bob Badgett on his 11th Anniversary as the Associate Minister for Education at UBC.   We are grateful for the special talents and loving spirit that you bring to the life and work of University Baptist Church.  We’re glad you and Patti are here!

Congratulations to Phil Woodson on his 2nd Anniversary as the Coordinator for Youth.   Your hard work and many talents have been a real blessing to our entire congregation.

During September we also acknowledge as a church family the special contributions of Thomas Hill, our custodian, a very dedicated staff person who is celebrating his 31st Anniversary at UBC.  Thank you, Thomas!

“Back to School” at UBC

It’s hard to believe that the summer is over and the school year has begun.  Signs of the new school year are evident throughout Charlottesville — yellow school buses, UVA students walking on grounds and at the Corner, more traffic, and long lines in restaurants and grocery stores!  My children started classes last week, and they are back into the routine of doing homework every school night and taking tests at the end of the week.  It’s good to see them back in school and learning new things.  Education is so very important to the welfare of our children and their future.

Likewise, religious education is so very important for the growth and maturity of followers of Jesus Christ.  After all, the word “disciple” means being a learner and a pupil.

Therefore, I invite you to get involved in our Sunday morning Bible study classes.  A full list of our classes can be found here.

On Sunday, September 8, we will recognize all our Sunday morning Bible study teachers in worship.  We will also give out Bibles to our new First Graders.

In addition to Sunday morning classes, our graded children’s choirs and our Wednesday night programming will resume next week.

I hope you’ll take advantage of the educational and fellowship opportunities offered by the church starting in September.  I’ll see you in class!


Jackie Lockwood

Lockwood_DSC0350I was born and raised in a Christian home — that is where my story begins but that is only the beginning.  I have been blessed in so many ways:  Christian parents, sisters who love me, two grown children and five grandchildren.  I have had my difficulties and disappointments in life:  divorce, disease, depression, and the death of loved ones.

Through the ups and downs of life I have always known to seek God; I have done this better at some times than at others.  But, a verse in the New Testament, James 4:17, especially speaks to me:  “Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn’t do it, sins.” (NIV)  This has meaning to me because I have not always done the good that I know I ought to do; I have veered off the straight and narrow path more times than I care to remember.

Thanks to many prayers and reminders that I am a child of God, I have made it through some rough times in life.  I know that God has been and will continue to be there for me.  One of my favorite scripture passages from the Old Testament is Psalms 121:1-2, “I lift my eyes to the hills — where does my help come from?  My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of Heaven and earth.” (NIV)  I know God loves me and sent Jesus to suffer for my sins by dying on the cross.

Jesus wiped the slate clean for me once and for all; He came to show me how to live and how to treat others.  I know that no matter what happens in my life I have a faith that will stand up to time and to evil.  I know that I will spend eternity with the LORD.

Community Dinner Groups

Would You Like to Make New Friends and Deepen Current Relationships?

After a long hiatus, this fall we would like to resume “Community Dinner Groups.”  Dinner groups will consist of 8-10 people, from a variety of ages and walks in life, for a once a month dinner.  Generally the way it works is to rotate homes, the hosts provide the main dish, with other group members providing sides and dessert.  Dinners can be any night of the week the group chooses, and even Dutch-treat at a restaurant.

If you would like to be assigned to a dinner group, complete the form below, or call the church office.   If you have questions contact the church office.

Adopt-a-Student Ministry Sign-Up

Sign up now for our adopt-a-student ministry!

If you are a college student and would like to be adopted by one of our church families,
please visit this link to register.
Get your friends to join you and be adopted together!   You will be matched with a  family who can provide you a “home away from home,” a family who will love you, who can periodically invite you over to their homes for meals and/or to play with their children, who will take you out to lunch after church, who can offer a quiet place to hang out away from noisy roommates, etc.  We hope you will consider signing up!

If you are a church member and your family would like to adopt a college student,
please visit this link to register.
We are looking to recruit families and couples who like being around college-age students, and who will let those students direct how much interaction they would like to have with your family. The benefit you receive is that you will positively influence these young lives and create friendships that will last far beyond the college years.

We will be collecting information in the next several weeks, and you will be contacted in the near future regarding this ministry.

Finally, please mark your calendar.  We are planning to have a Collegiate Student Luncheon on Sunday, September 22 immediately after worship.  All college students are invited to this luncheon!

We are also inviting all college students and church families participating in our Adopt-a-Student ministry to attend.  At the beginning of the luncheon, families will be matched with their adopted students and they will eat lunch together as a way to get to know one another.

UBC Biographies

The first batch of our “Connections” biographies is posted on our website!  You can read them here.

We are still looking for more submissions from our members to be posted on our church bulletin board.  Your biography will NOT be posted online unless we receive your permission.  There may be information on your printed biography that you do not want posted on our website.  If that’s the case, you can send an edited version suitable for an online readership to Bob Badgett.

Jubilate Needs Your Help!

Beginning September 1, Jubilate will have supper (6:00-6:30) and rehearsal at church on Sunday nights.  We would like to have 3 teams of 2 people each to prepare supper on a rotating basis.  We would also like to have one Sunday Bible Study Class each month to prepare a meal.

The Youth also meet on Sunday nights, so preparations for the Jubilate meal would be coordinated with the Youth meal volunteers.

This schedule for Jubilate is planned for September through November and January through April.

This is a great opportunity to support Jubilate and to get to know the members better.

Contact Alba Beasley for more information or to sign up.


Invite Someone to Lunch!

The next several weeks are an exciting time here at UBC as we welcome newcomers to our community and to our church.  Starting this Sunday, I want to encourage our members to take a guest or two (or another church member that you don’t know very well) out to lunch after worship.  Sharing a meal together is a wonderful way get to know another person, and our church is blessed to be surrounded by so many good restaurants.

In order to encourage you to take someone out to lunch in the coming weeks, you’ll find in your worship bulletin a 10% off coupon for lunch at Basil, Boylan Heights and El JaripeoLemon Grass is offering a free (non-alcoholic) drink to each patron.  This coupon is only good for Sunday lunch, August 25 through September 29, 2013.  Take time in the coming Sundays to share a meal with someone you don’t know, especially our UVA students and guests, and have fun doing so!

Let us also remember to repay our neighboring restaurants’ kindness and generosity by treating the servers with equal kindness and generosity.  See you around “The Corner”!



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