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Songs of the Season

Songs_webThe Protestant Reformer Martin Luther once said, “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world,” and “Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.”

During this Advent season, Alba Beasley and the music ministry of UBC are giving us this “greatest treasure.” Last Sunday, Jubilate, our collegiate choir presented a beautiful Festival of Lessons and Carols, while Lindsay Marshall sang a lovely Call to Worship. And this coming Sunday, our Sanctuary Choir will lead in worship.

The beauty of this music is matched by the beauty of our sanctuary. Many thanks to our Floral Committee and our Wednesday Work Crew for decorating our sanctuary with the Chrismon tree, wreaths and garlands.

In the midst of all the bad news we’ve received in our community lately, may the songs of this season calm the agitations of our soul and give witness to our faith in a loving and caring God!

Let’s sing on!


A Statement from UBC Ministers

indexIn light of the recent news of sexual assaults on UVA Grounds, the ministerial staff of University Baptist Church feels compelled to state that we are terribly saddened by and concerned with a culture that allows rape and hides sexual assault, here at UVA and at other universities around the country. Such a culture of violence and violation is unacceptable, and it is destructive first and foremost to the victims, but also to the perpetrators and the communities in which such acts occur.

In response, we seek to listen and to learn more about this issue in order to offer a constructive voice in ongoing discussions.

We seek to collaborate with other churches and faith communities, with UVA, with law enforcement personnel, and with others in our neighborhood to advocate against sexual assaults and to stand with the survivors.

We aspire to work for justice and for the peace and wholeness of our community, so that all residents will feel and be safe from sexual assault.

In the meantime, we lift up our prayers for those whose lives have been impacted by such assaults, whether at UVA or anywhere else.

May God help them and all of us as we address this challenge together.

~ University Baptist Church Ministers:

Michael Cheuk
Alba Beasley
Bob Badgett
Erin Brown
Will Brown

Congregational Discernment

During our harvest luncheon on Sunday, Jeff Cranford led us in a discussion of possible new ministries that UBC can engage in for the next two years. Building on ideas generated from both the Deacon and Church Council retreat in October, and last Wednesday’s Town Hall meeting, a consensus is emerging to focus on three broad areas: 1) exploring ministry opportunities at UVA’s hospital, 2) collaborating with other churches and organizations to meet the needs of our neighborhood, and 3) partnering with campus ministries to extend and deepen our impact with UVA students. For each category, participants came up with many specific and creative ideas, though we affirmed that research should undergird our work and that new undertakings need not be big ones.

This is an exciting time for UBC, but we need your prayers, your time and talents, and your financial support. As we prepare for Stewardship Celebration Sunday, please prayerfully consider how you can “return to the Lord” your gifts and talents to turn new ministry ideas into reality!

~Blessings, Michael

Welcome to the Table

Lord's TableLast Saturday, Beth and I had the privilege of attending the wedding ceremony of Julie Gaines, the oldest daughter of Ray and Nancy Gaines, and the granddaughter of Barbara Newlon. Before Julie and her husband Jeff Walton exchanged their vows, the congregation was invited to participate in the Lord’s Supper.

Jeff and Julie told us, “Communion is a chance to return home. To return to the center of our faith, and remember what is important in the long and sometimes difficult journey of life, faith, and marriage. Whenever we as children of God feel lost, or find ourselves stepping into darkness, it is good to know that God’s table and the community surrounding it will always be there to bring us back home, welcome us back, and remind us of our identity.”

Officiating minister Sterling Severns, Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist in Richmond added, “It is our understanding that this table represents the love of God. It is the table that we find God’s diverse children, one and all, gathering around; continually being reminded that if the world is going to understand who God is, it must first begin with us sitting at the table together.”

As we prepare to celebrate the Lord’s Supper this Sunday, may these beautiful words by Jeff, Julie and Sterling stay with you.

Life can be difficult, and sometimes we may even feel lost and in the dark.

But God’s table and the community of faith surrounding that table will always be there to welcome us back home and remind us of our identity as children of God.

~Blessings, Michael


Feeding our Helpers

Logo_HotPinkIn last Sunday’s sermon, we considered how to move forward in the midst of these sad and troubling events here in Charlottesville.  According to Sunday’s text, one answer is to imitate Christ.

Sarah Wilson, a member of our church, has been working on a UBC project that perfectly captures the idea of imitating Jesus. She and others are organizing a meal for UBC to serve to police officers and others who have been doing the draining work of searching — not only for Hannah Graham, but also for the truth about her and other young women who have suffered violence or death in recent years in Central Virginia.

This idea was inspired by the group “Help Save the Next Girl,” founded by the parents of Morgan Harrington.

Initially, the plan was to serve lunch for forty, but the idea was so well received that the police asked if we could plan to serve seventy-five. The lunch will be served this Thursday, October 23.

Hardee’s has generously agreed to donate chicken for the meal, but you can also sign-up on our google doc.

to donate drinks, side dishes, desserts, or help serve the meal. Please drop off all food items in disposable containers to the UBC kitchen no later than 10 am on this Thursday.  If you want to make a donation to cover meal expenses, you can write a check to the church and write “search crew meal” on the subject line, or give online.

For more information, you can contact Erin Brown or Sarah Wilson.

I’m thankful for church members who have the passion and imagination to see what imitating Christ looks like even in the midst of tragic circumstances. I’m eager to learn other ways that our church can express the love of Christ, now and in the months to come.

 ~Blessings, Michael


A Word from Will

RonaldMcDonaldA few weeks into my new position at UBC, I want to share with you about a conversation I had recently with Rita Ralston, the Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House.  Many of you may know her, and many more of you may be familiar with the work of the Ronald McDonald House, which was started by University Baptist and originally called “Hearthstone House.”

Rita Ralston told me that even though they have been “adopted” by the Ronald McDonald organization and are now a few blocks further away, UBC continues to have a special relationship as their “birth parent.”  She expressed gratitude for our historic relationship and optimism for our continued partnership.

In my conversations with Rita and later with the coordinator of the Hospitality House, we talked about the needs of their facilities, both of which provide housing for families of hospitalized patients from out of town.  As we talked I was struck by the many ways that UBC groups and individual members are already contributing to these organizations.

In addition to several individuals who have volunteered regularly, the Kittie Colvin Trail Circle faithfully supports the Hospitality House with food and supplies.  The Hospitality House director also mentioned what a blessing it is when their guests receive crafts and treats from our children.  Next Sunday the youth from our church are cooking dinner for the guests at both the Hospitality House and Ronald McDonald House.  I am sure that our church’s involvement extends beyond what I have mentioned or what I even know about, and both organizations were excited to consider further ways we may partner with them in the future.

As our church explores various new ministries with the hospital community, I find it encouraging to discover the rich heritage of ministry in our church’s history, as well as the many ways that members of our congregation are already involved in serving the needs of patients and their families.  It is important that we celebrate these vital ministries that are taking place quietly but faithfully behind the scenes. I look forward to the months ahead, as we dream together of how God might use our church to expand these ministries and the service we can bring to our neighbors just down the street.

— Will


Youth Awesomeness

On Sunday after church, the youth headed to Riverview Park for an aptly named Afternoon of Awesomeness. After sharing a picnic lunch outside on the most beautiful day God has graced us with this fall, the fun began.

There were team competitions. Boats were made from aluminum foil and tape, and raced down the Rivanna River. Impressively, one boat even remained intact! Relays were attempted, with the sole purpose of getting each team over the finish line in absurdly hilarious fashion…. How would you attempt to get a team of five people across a field, letting only 4 feet and 2 hands touch the ground?

Then there were challenges for the whole group. Do you think it’s possible to fit 10 teenagers into a circle 1.5 feet across? They didn’t either…. at first! But through lots of varying input and ideas, many failed attempts and re-attempts, the group managed to get everyone on board, and stay balanced there long enough to sing a rousing rendition of The Muffin Man. I’m not sure anyone knows why we chose this song to celebrate.  :)

We had the chance to discuss the importance of trusting each other and trusting God, and explored some of what the Bible has to say about this (not always what you would expect)! And finally, each of us had the chance to live out that trust, falling backward off a picnic table into the waiting arms of the rest of the group. Though initially some of us were hesitant, everyone had the chance to experience the thrill of falling, and the reassurance and support of being caught by 20 or so outstretched arms.

It was fun! It was a chance to get to know each other in a different environment, and celebrate strengths and abilities in each other that we didn’t necessarily know were there. It was a chance to laugh, and then fall over, and then laugh some more. It was an opportunity for some of the younger members to let their voices be heard, and lead the group toward success. It allowed the group to affirm each member, quite literally catching her as she plummeted to the ground from atop a picnic table. It was a chance to eat two entire packages of Oreos over the course of the afternoon. It was a chance to fellowship in God’s creation on an absolutely beautiful day.

Did I mention that it was awesome?




World Communion Sunday

WorldCommunionSunday1This Sunday is “World Communion Sunday,” when we acknowledge the almost universal observance of the Lord’s Supper by Christian churches throughout the world.

According to ministrymatters.com, this day was first observed by a Presbyterian church in 1936, and later adopted by the Federal Council of Churches in 1940. Since then, this celebration has grown into an international ecumenical celebration of Christian unity.

We will observe World Communion Sunday with the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper, which remembers the night when Jesus broke bread with his disciples for the last time before his betrayal and crucifixion. We also celebrate the fact that the movement Jesus began over two thousand years ago in Palestine now covers all corners of the earth. On this Sunday, we unite with Christians world-wide in observing the Lord’s Supper, acknowledging our unity in Christ as gathered by the power of the Holy Spirit, even as we recognize the diversity of customs, traditions, languages, and liturgies in which we worship our living God.

Prepare to worship this Sunday as we join with Christians world-wide to celebrate our oneness in Christ!

~Blessings, Michael

“Thank you!” from Randi McFarland

Randi_McFarland_webI want to thank all of you for your outpouring of love and support for my sermon on Sunday, September 21! Thank you for your kind words of encouragement, for telling me specifically what you liked, and what I could improve. I want to especially thank Michael for his many suggestions, and my Site Team for their valuable input.

As I continue my internship, I want to thank everyone for their attentiveness and smiles as I looked out over the congregation and for laughing at my attempts at humor. You have all been so gracious in so many ways, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

This is a wonderful teaching congregation, and I am blessed to have the privilege of doing an internship here. I will always have fond memories of this church and am so glad that my very first congregational sermon was here at UBC!

— Randi McFarland

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