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Nominating Committee Reports

2016-2017 Nominating Committee Report


Guidelines, Policies, and Legal Documents



Legal Documents

Also available in the church office:

  • A110i     Processing Building Use Requests For Outside Groups
  • A310i     Records Retention Schedule
  • A510i     Insurance Carrier Notification
  • P140i     Requirements for Rental Vehicles
  • P300i     Incident Reporting Form
  • P310i     Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan
  • P320i     UBC Database Policy
  • P350i     Guidelines for Endowment Fund
  • P360i     Guidelines for Parking Permit Program
  • P370i     Guidelines for Purchase of Tax-Exempt Tangible Personal Property
  • P380i     Guidelines and Policy for Bulletin Board Use
  • P400i     Guidelines for Assisting the Homeless and Persons with Significant Needs