UBC Administration

UBC Deacon Handbook Revised June 2015
UBC Bylaws Revised 6-10-2015
UBC CONSTITUTION Revised 6-10-2015
UBC Nominating Committee Report 2011-2012
UBC Nominating Committee Report 2012-2013
UBC Nominating Committee Report 2013-2014
UBC Nominating Committee Report 2014-2015 
Lay Leadership 2015-2016a

Policies, Procedures and Guidelines Manual

No. 1 Guidelines for A Quiet Place To Study
No. 2 Agreement for Use of the Choir/Lecture Suite
No. 3 Guidelines for the Evacuation Plan
No. 4  Building Use

Using the Choir/Lecture Suite
For Receptions in the Choir/Lecture Suite Lobby
Using the Fellowship Hall/Kitchen
Using the Classroom(s)
Using the Preschool Suite/Nursery
Using the Sanctuary
Guidelines for the Building Representative
Statement of Purpose, Legal Statements

No. 5 Guidelines for the Care and Protection of Children, Youth and Workers

No. 6 (currently inactive)
No. 7 Deacon Secretary – process for assigning deacon families and updating deacon books
No. 8 Guidelines for Active Deacons
No. 9 Disaster Prevention and Recovery Plan
No. 10 Driver Safety Guidelines
No. 11 Guidelines for Endowment Fund–Structure and Operating
No. 12 Financial Records of Retention
No. 13 Guidelines for the UBC Health Ministry
No. 14 Guidelines to Assist Homeless and Persons with Significant Needs When They Present Themselves at UBC
No. 15 Guidelines for Notification of our Insurance Carrier
No. 16 Jubilate Alumni Association By-Laws
No. 17 Kitchen Responsibilities
No. 18 Guidelines for UBC Medical Emergency Protocol (During Sunday Worship in Sanctuary)
No. 19 Guidelines for the Operations In As Much (OIAM)
No. 20 PACEM
No. 21 Guidelines for Parking Permit Program
No. 22 Personnel Policies
No. 23 Guidelines for the Prayer Room
No. 24 Guidelines Relating to the purchase of tangible personal property exempt from Virginia Sales and Use Tax
No. 25 Guidelines for Ushers and Greeters
No. 26 Wedding Policies
No. 27 Database Policies
No. 28 Bulletin Board Policies and Guidelines