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Celebrating Lynn Martin’s Anniversary

When you see Lynn Martin be sure and thank her for her 12 years of service as the editor of UBC’s WORD weekly newsletter. Lynn has come in every Monday and Tuesday morning since 2001, faithfully pulling together, and often chasing down, all the bits and pieces of news, announcements and information that come to you every week. Lynn, keep up the wonderful work!

Thank you, Lynn!

Yo’ Mama.

With Jubilate out of town for UVA’s fall break – the youth resorted to our finest foraging skills and made our way down the corner to Christian’s Pizza (see picture). It’s difficult to feed 14 people for $6/person and fresh hot pizza is always hard to turn down. Aside from the pizza promotion – I would like to take moment to address the catchy headline that I’m sure brought you to this post.

Tonight’s Youth Real Life topic was: “Yo’ Mama… and probably Yo’ Daddy

Yes, tonight we talked about our parents. We talked about the things we liked and loved about our wonderful providers and about the things that occasionally seem to creep under our skin… Needless to say, it was very engaging and lively discussion, all of which I have promised not to reveal too much of – but, I would like to highlight a bit of what was covered.

Indeed there are many positive aspects being kids that were offered forth – food, housing, a protective environment, an ever-present source of financial support, and LIFE ITSELF were all major points of agreement.  Likewise, we were able to concur on some of the common not-so-pleasant aspects of being an offspring – feeling ignored, unheard, over-protected, embarrassed, and bossed around. These themes, of course, run rampant in every generation as parents do their best to provide guidance and training for their children while, as we all know, children know everything they need to after the age of five!  All joking aside, the youth had an excellent moment of camaraderie and story telling, (which generally turns out to be the best part of my job – these kids are hilarious) each of them drawing closer to the others in the sharing of mutual struggles that are associated with being a child.

After our sharing time we addressed the different ways that we might navigate this relationship. It’s not often that we think about our parental relationships – for some of us they are as natural as breathing and something that just happens, while for others – they can be difficult and painful, fraught with fear or disappointment. We discussed our interactions with adults that we interpreted to be poor parental figures, our interactions with the children of these types of parents, and how the relationship between the parent and child is often crucial to the well-being and success of the child.

We then took some time to seek God’s word on the subject. After reading through a few choice verses from Proverbs and Deuteronomy (we decided we didn’t want to be stoned, or have our eyes pecked out by vultures for being bad kids) we settled in with Ephesians 6:1-3

  • Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” – which is the first commandment with a promise – “so that it may go well with you and that you may enjoy long life on the earth.”

Through discussing this verse, we were able to tie back to our earlier conversation about the kids who didn’t listen to their parents and some of the youth were able to share stories of drug abuse, and social/emotional problems that they saw in their classmates or friends.  God clearly has a plan for our familial relationships and any deviance from this plan can be disastrous.

Finally, we brainstormed ways to engage in God’s word and shared ideas for how we can honor our fathers and mothers. I think it’s safe to share this full list:

Way’s We Honor our Parents:

  • By what we wear
  • How we act (publicly)
  • Using our manners
  • Listening
  • Respecting their decisions
  • Being Truthful
  • Self Controlled
  • Open minded
  • Write a letter or email instead of continuing an argument
  • Being the Adult
    • We acknowledge that our parents are only human and may not always behave in the same manner that they expect from us…   

All in all, we had a very productive evening of fellowship and discipleship. I continue to be impressed by the level of maturity and engagement of all youth and feel blessed to be a part of this ministry. They are fine example of – and tribute to – the many wonderful families and parents we have at UBC.


Youth Pizza



Mission Opportunities This Fall

Hygiene Kits for Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women
(Deadline: Wednesday, November 20)
1 individually wrapped toothbrush
1 tube of toothpaste (6 oz. or less)
1 solid deodorant stick (2.4 oz. or less)
1 bottle of lotion (15 oz. or less)
1 bottle of shampoo (15 oz. or less)
(Place all items in a one-gallon Zip Loc bag or bring individual items.)

Greeting Cards & Stationery for FCCW (Deadline: November 20)
Greeting cards for all occasions (including Hanukkah and Christmas)
Writing paper, envelopes
“Forever” postage stamps
Wooden pencils (unsharpened)

Operation Christmas Child
Pre-wrapped shoeboxes and gift lists are available in Fellowship Hall, in the narthex, and in the church office. The deadline for bringing filled shoeboxes is Wednesday, November 20.

Collection boxes for all items are located in Fellowship Hall and outside the Church Office.

Welcome, Dr. Hugh Litchfield

Litchfield colorOur guest speaker in worship on Sunday, October 13, will be Reverend Dr. Hugh (“Doc”) Litchfield.

Dr. Litchfield is a retired pastor and seminary professor.  He is an instructor at the Charlottesville location of the John Leland Center for Theological Study.  Dr. Litchfield is a member of University Baptist Church.  He and his wife, Sarah, have three grown children.

We welcome “Doc” to the pulpit this Sunday!


Circle of Caring Luncheons

The Deacons will be sponsoring Deacon Family Luncheons on October 13, 20, and 27. If you have not yet received an invitation from your deacon contact the church office.

Welcome, Larry & Sarah Ballew!


We welcome Larry and Sarah Ballew to UBC this Sunday.  Larry and Sarah are graduates of Golden Gate Baptist Seminary, where they each received M.Div. degrees in 1991.  They spent four years church planting in New England before moving to Macau, China, in 1996.  While serving in Macau continuously since 1996, they have been Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Affiliate Field Personnel since 2005.  Over the past few years they have established an outreach ministry to restaurant workers in Macau.

Larry was born in Fresno, California, and Sarah was born in Charlottesville.  They were married in 1988 and have two sons, Joshua (21), a junior at George Mason University, and Nathanael (19), who is working with a church-based performing arts ministry in Birmingham, England.

The Ballews will be giving a missions presentation in the Fellowship Hall from 9:45am to 10:30am.  Larry will be preaching in the worship service.

We will be collecting a special offering for the Ballews to help support their ministry in Macau.  You may place your designated offering in the collection plate or send it to the Church Office.


William Underwood and Libby Grammer

UnderwoodWill&LibbyGrammer_directory croppedWe welcome William Underwood and Libby Grammer, a young married couple who joined UBC this past Sunday by transfer of their memberships from another Baptist church.

Youth Sunday Night Meals

We are now sharing our Sunday night meals with the wonderful students of Jubilate, and Alba Beasley has been doing a great job of lining up dinner providers.  We have been asked to provide a salad for these meals and I have put together an online sign-up form for our youth parents to help with this meal.  I think Alba will also use this form to help assign the meals but if there are parent volunteers who are willing to bring a salad for about 10-12 people — then we will be set!
SIGN-UP LINK    <—– Click it!
Along with the salad sign-up I wanted to take a moment to let everyone know about a new church policy that involves the safety of our youth.  While it has yet to be approved, the new policy will state that there must now be two adults present at all youth functions.  In the past we have always had two people of the opposite gender present on all trips and overnight events.  However, the new policy states that we would need two people to be present at all youth functions – which would now include Sunday Nights, Youth Pizza Nights, or other day related youth events.  I will meet and speak with the Youth Ministry Council early next month about how to best meet this new requirement — perhaps a rotation of parent volunteers to stay with us during youth events or even the same parent who provides the salad could serve in this role as well.  Something to think about.  Please let either myself or other members of the Youth Ministry Council know if you have any questions or comments about this change to the policy.
I think that’s all for now – please let me know if you have any questions!
Youth Ministry Coordinator
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