Children’s Church

Fall Schedule

September 7 – November 30, 2014

This is the proposed children’s church schedule for leaders and helpers for the next three months.  If the time you are scheduled doesn’t work please try to switch with someone.  Please let me know if you have to switch or can not get a substitute.  So that the correct names will be in the Sunday bulletin and I can see that you have the right material.  I suggest that the leader contact the helper for their Sunday to make sure that they remember.

Sept. 7
Katherine Hamel, Carter Groff

Sept. 14
Jeannette May, Seamore Zhu

Sept. 21
Donna Marshall, Javaneh Brown

Sept. 28
Debby Johnson, Nick Martindale  

Oct. 5
Peachie Mays, Carter Groff

Oct. 12
Erin Brown, Emily Morris

Oct. 19
Beth Cheuk, Seamore Zhu

Oct. 26
Shirley Clark, Katherine Wagoner

Nov. 2
Catherine Cooper, Javaneh Brown

Nov. 9
Scott Miller, Nick Martindale

Nov. 16
Patti Badgett, Emily Morris

Nov. 23
Pam Dean, Anna Dean

Nov. 30
No Children’s Church – Thanksgiving week-end


I want to remind everyone that we are now using a walkie-talkie in the children’s church room in case of an emergency.  The ushers will put it in the room and turn it on.  They will also return it to the nursery.  It would be a good idea to check with the ushers to be sure that it is in the room before you go up.