UBC Sunday Deacon Service Schedule

July 6 – September 28, 2014

July 6
*Shirley Clark, Debby Johnson, Anne Keith, Barbara Jesser, Bill Jesser, Brad Groff, Barry Wilson, Scott Miller,
**Diane Mundell (choir)

July 13
*David Hendon, David Wagoner, Martha Ballenger, Ed Smith, Jimmy Li, Lynda Tweel

July 20
*Don Long, Wayne Ferguson, Debra Bryant, Jackie Lockwood, Elsom Johnson, Rachel Miller

July 27
*Alan Hendricks, Shirley Clark, Jack Averill, W.C. Keith, Ray Gaines, Pam Johnson

Aug. 3
*Scott Miller, Martha Ballenger, Ed Lowry, Ed Smith, Barbara Jesser, Bill Jesser, Brad Groff, Donna Marshall,
**Nelda Vaughan (choir)

Aug. 10
*David Hendon, Anne Keith, Jimmy Li, Joe Zhu, David Wagoner, Lynda Tweel

Aug. 17
*W.C. Keith, Wayne Ferguson, Don Long, Debra Bryant, Rachel Miller, Alice Batten

Aug. 24
*Alan Hendricks, Jack Averill, Ed Lowry, Pam Johnson, Elsom Johnson, Jackie Lockwood

Aug. 31
*W.C. Keith, Debby Johnson, Barry Wilson, Shirley Clark, Martha Ballenger, Brad Groff

Sept. 7
*Don Long, Bill Jesser, Barbara Jesser, Diane Mundell, Jimmy Li, Alan Hendricks, David Hendon, Ed Smith,
**Ray Gaines (choir)

Sept. 14
*Debra Bryant, David Wagoner, Donna Marshall, Raynell Stokes, Wayne Ferguson, Don Long

Sept. 21
*Lynda Tweel, Jack Averill, Joe Zhu, David Hendon, Pam Johnson, Anne Keith

Sept. 28
*Ed Smith, Alice Batten, W.C. Keith, Martha Ballenger, Jackie Lockwood, Elsom Johnson


*Lead Deacon
**A Deacon from the choir will take position #9 and serve Communion to the choir.
If you are unable to serve, please arrange your own replacement.
Note: There is a lighter located under the front center pew in case there are any problems with the candles during the service.
In the event there is a need to evacuate the sanctuary during an emergency, the minister will provide instructions to the deacons and ushers. Copies of the deacon emergency evacuation roles are under the pew cushions on the front row.