Deacons’ Openness Task Force On LGBTQ Christians and UBC Membership

This fall, the Deacons are sponsoring a five-week Congregational Conversation on UBC’s open membership statement in the Church Bylaws (“Any person may present himself or herself as a candidate for membership in this church….”, Bylaws, Article II:  Membership) as it may apply to gay persons.  Is this meant to include openly gay Christians or an openly gay person professing faith in Jesus Christ and seeking baptism and church membership?  The letters included below and the “Questions & Answers” document provide background to this upcoming process of discernment.   Additional documents will be added as they are published in other venues, such as The Word church newsletter.

Documents Regarding the Deacons’ Openness Task Force On LGBTQ Christians and UBC Membership: 

To facilitate the conversation, the Deacons are inviting the Sunday Bible Study classes to participate in a church-wide book study and series of individual class and congregational conversations. The Deacons and Openness Task Force have chosen Changing Our Mind by David Gushee and feel that this book is an accessible resource for discussing Biblical interpretations to many questions asked of the modern church.

Copies of Changing Our Mind by David Gushee are now available.   Audio CD’s are also available at no cost.  Each book will contain an envelope for your convenience should you want to reimburse part or all of the book price of $13.00.  However, no reimbursement is necessary.  You may also purchase a Kindle version at  Please contact a minister or your Sunday Bible Study teacher with any questions.

Sunday, September 18 –
8:45 am:  Church-wide Breakfast
9:15 am:  Congregational Conversation

Sundays:  September 25, October 2, October 9, 9:45 am –  Individual Sunday Bible Study Class Discussions

NEW ADDITION:  Wednesday, October 5, 6:15 pm –  “Psychology Behind Sexual Orientation” — Professor Charlotte Patterson

Sunday, October 16, 9:15 am – Church-wide Congregational Conversation

Wednesday, October 19, 6:15 pm – Church-wide Conversation, for members who could not attend the October 16 session

Sunday, October 23 –  Called Church Conference to vote on next steps


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Bibliography of additional resources —  (In the Conference Room [Rm. 114] there are copies of some of the books as well as a binder of all of the articles.)

New and relevant articles will continue to be added, so check often.