Statement on Sexual Harassment

In light of the recent news of sexual assaults and harassment, the University Baptist Church staff wishes to respond. We unequivocally condemn sexual assault and harassment. We are sad when it happens. A culture that allows it to happen concerns us. Such a culture of violence and violation is unacceptable. It is destructive to the victims, perpetrators, and communities.

We seek to create a safe space, free of assault and harassment. We seek to minister to the victims. We want to help them prosecute their assailants. We seek to foster rehabilitation for perpetrators. We wish to promote conversations about gender equality. We want to educate people about appropriate verbal and physical behavior.

We seek to collaborate with our community to advocate against sexual assault and to stand with the survivors. This collaboration includes other churches, faith communities, law enforcement, and our neighbors. We are open to God’s leading as we move forward and seek to be a source of light in this world (Matthew 5:14). We aspire to work for justice (Micah 6:8). All people should feel and be safe from sexual assault and harassment.

God created all of us imago Dei (in God’s image–Genesis 1:27). May God help all of us as we address this challenge together.


Matt Tennant
Alba Beasley
Will Brown
Sarah Wilson