Sunday Bible Study

Summer Schedule 2018

Most of our classes do not meet in the summer. The ESOL Classes continue, and there is a joint adult Bible study class meeting in room 117, studying Amy-Jill Levine’s introduction to the Old Testament. This video and discussion-based class is open to everyone.

Our regular Sunday Bible Study schedule resumes on August 26.


We invite you to join one of our Sunday morning classes. All classes meet from 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. unless otherwise noted.


Preschool Division – Preschool Suite Ground Floor (G12)

  • Director, Judy Gough;  Assistant Director, Aimee Marshall         
  • Babies, Room G11 – Diane Woerner
  • Younger Preschool, Room G10
  • Older Preschool, Room G09 – Judy Shah

Children’s Division

  • Kindergarten-5th grades, Room 212b – Katherine Hamel, Laura Morris, Michelle Proffitt, Erin Brown, Debby Johnson

Youth Division

  • Grades 6-8, Room 303 – Raynell Stokes
  • Grades 9-12, Room 305 – Sarah Wilson

Adult Division (in alphabetical order)

  • English Classes (ESOL), Fellowship Hall – Jeannette May, Nell Tiller, Anne Keith
    English for International students and visiting scholars
  • Kairos Class, Off Fellowship Hall – Scott Miller
    Discussion-based fellowship. We are somewhere between 20-somethings and senior adults.
  • Koinonia Class, Room 117 – Ed Barker
    Discussion-based coed class uses “Formations” literature.
  • New Life Class, Room 209 – Larry Johnson, Barbara Moore
    Discussion-based class, median adults are especially welcome
  • Open Minds, Room 120 – Debra Bryant, Ed Lowry, Ron Tweel
    Explores a progressive approach to Christianity described at <>.
  • Seekers, Room G14 – Jack Averill
    Coed median/senior class covering a challenging range of Biblical studies. This class starts at 9:30.
  • Young Adults Class, Off Fellowship Hall – Will Brown
    Discussion-based class; undergraduate and graduate students, 20-somethings, and all young adults are especially welcome.