Volunteering at UBC

UBC strives to be a warm and loving family of faith, and we welcome you to be part of this community in whichever ways are best suited to your gifts and availability. We invite you to engage with us, here in our community.

If you are interested in volunteering some of your time with us, please contact the Church Office 434.293.5106 or Pheobe Brown volunteer@universitybaptist.org

Current Volunteer Needs

A Quiet Place to Study

May 1-9, 2019. We are looking for:

  • two homemade snacks for students each day
  • two volunteers for each two hour segment 1 PM – 9 PM

You can sign up online here. 


Can you spare a couple hours to come in and take a shift with the church office? Help us keep our doors open to the community, greeting guests and providing information and directions as needed.  There are always other projects out there, so if you are interested and this shift doesn’t work for you please let me know!

Sign up to volunteer on a Wednesday here!

Upcoming Events:

OIAM – Operation Inasmuch – May 4th! Come out to serve with us as we serve our community.  To find out more about our projects this year, contact the office by email or phone (434.293.5106).

UBC Day of Service: Come out and service with your fellow members, friends and family.  Help make our building shine! Light cleaning, painting and maintenance tasks. Something for all ages and abilities.  Keep a lookout for more information.

Children and Families

Worship Bags: Can you spend a few minutes checking our supplies in the Narthex? Making sure the bags are unpacked and supplies are plentiful for next week’s service?

Events: Are you interested in supporting some of our one-time and short-term events? WE need more volunteers for Vacation Bible School, Community Service Days, Sunday School etc.

Primarily Weekends or “off” hours:

Youth Dinner Coordinator: We need volunteers to help coordinate dinner for our youth (and Jubilate) on Sunday evenings.  This entails coordinating with the Wednesday night supper team, warming up dinner and serving and cleaning up after the meal.  You can sign up online here.

Sunday Mornings:

Coffee Fellowship Coordinator: Do you like to be caffeinated before worship on Sundays? Help us manage our refreshments on the first floor for Sunday Mornings.

Clean Up the Coffee: After church could you spend a few minutes helping us break down the coffee? Putting the dishes into the dishwasher and emptying the pots would go a long way!

Sunday Videographer: DO you have an IPhone or an Android? Would you be willing to take a few snapshots or videos of the service on Sunday?


Intercessory Prayer Team: Join our prayer team, praying for members, our community and those who reach out to us for prayer from far and wide.  We specifically need help connecting with individuals who contact us through our Facebook page.  Can you spare a few minutes to respond to these individuals and make sure they are included on our prayer lists?


We want to extend a warm thank you to all of you who are already serving in our community through our Circles of Caring, as a Deacon, a member or a visitor.  We are grateful for all your contributions.  If you have an idea for a volunteer role and don’t see if here, please let us know – volunteer@universitybaptist.org.