Circle of Caring

helping hands“Circle of Caring” is our deacon-led team ministry designed to meet the needs of our members and others associated with UBC.  It is also an opportunity for church members to share their gifts, talents and passions with others in the church and in the community.

How it works:

Anyone who has a need or knows of a need can call the church office (434) 293-5106.

  • The Deacon Coordinator will assess the need and alert the appropriate teams.
  • Teams will respond to needs with care and compassion.
  • Team members will receive training as needed.

The teams consist of:

  • Congregational Care Ministry — Stays in touch with members of the congregation and provides support as needed
  • Comfort Food Ministry — Provides meals for those dealing with issues
  • Homebound Ministry — Serves the needs of our members confined at home or in nursing facilities
  • Small Jobs Ministry — Supplies helping hands for small projects
  • Bereavement Ministry — Offers support to our church family in times of grief and loss
  • Transportation Ministry — Provides rides to church activities and other important appointments
  • Hospital Visitation Ministry — Visits our members in the hospital and other health care facilities
  • Celebrations Ministry — Acknowledges and celebrates significant accomplishments of our members

All UBC members and friends are encouraged to join a team.  Anyone who has a need or knows of a need can call the church office.