Jubilate Collegiate Choir

Jubilate ConcertJubliate (pronounced yoo-bi-la-tay) is our auditioned choir for both undergraduate and graduate students.  Jubilate performs a wide variety of musical styles and traditions from classical to contemporary.  The group performs regularly at University Baptist Church as well as churches throughout Virginia.  Jubilate undertakes a spring tour each year and has performed in New York City, St. Louis, Baltimore, Houston, Dallas, Denver, New Orleans, throughout New England. and many stops in between.

Jubilate MadrigalFor more information about Jubilate:

– Visit their UVA website
– Check out their videos
– Visit the Jubilate Alumni website

During the school year, rehearsals are on Sundays starting with supper at 6:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall (on the ground floor) and then moving to Room 205 (Choir/Lecture Suite).

For more information on all of the music programs contact Alba Beasley, Associate Minister for Music and Worship, at 293-5106 or abeasley@universitybaptist.org.