Operation In-as-Much 2018

Operation In-As-Much is our annual churchwide day of outreach to our community! We are excited to come together, share God’s love, and meet the needs of our neighbors. We will meet for breakfast at 8am, and head to our work sites at 9. We have projects for anyone, children through seniors, and we’d love for anyone and everyone to join us! Bring a friend! 

Take a look at the project options below, and SIGN UP HERE!


  1. Baptist Clothing Center – assembling and hanging prefab shelving
  2. Mrs. W’s home – painting two exterior sides of a small house (already prepped)
  3. Elk Hill school – Repairing roof, tighten bolts and reseal a small clubhouse, complete construction of a weather box  (sanding, priming, painting), mulch a small play area


  1. Ronald McDonald House – mulching and exterior yardwork
  2. Worksource – tree trimming, bush removal, pruning
  3. Georgia’s Healing House – yard clean up and planting flowers

Cleaning / Miscellaneous:

  1. Baptist Clothing Center – Sort, fold, hang up clothing donations
  2. Barrett Day Care Center – clean classroom furniture, fluff mulch around playground
  3. The Haven – Deep clean sanctuary/meeting room and other areas if time
  4. Mrs. O’s home – Move furniture and clean windows

Specifically for kids/families:

  1. OIAM Junior – For children ages 4 and up (or 2 and up with a parent), we will work primarily in the church fellowship hall, and make baked goods for the hospitality house and battle building staff, clean furniture and plant flowers at the hospitality house (one block from the church), make cards and bagged lunches for habitat for humanity volunteers, assemble food bags for the venable backpack program and assemble kits for the children’s hospital.
  2. Childcare is available for children under 4.